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When's the next Convention?
T4Getting closer! Our events take over a year to plan and organise, so there is no set date for the next Transylvania just yet. Another consideration is that event run on the scale of Transylvania, with 500 plus attendees, can cost up to £20,000 to put on, we've been known to spend £5,000 on technical alone. We need to balance the costs of running the event with not charging too much to the fans to be there. As we fund the events with the money we get from ticket sales alone, it's not something we take lightly. Click the TimeWarp logo at the top of the page for news on other events running in the UK. There was a couple of UK conventions run by fans called The Denton Affair (no connection to the first UK Rocky Horror Convention) in May 2006 in Manchester, attended by over 100 fans and in London in October 2007. The Dammit Janet commercial event also ran in October 2004, with just over 100 fans attending that event. For now check out our yearly "Non-Convention" The Rocky Horror Picnic Show at Oakley Court.

All text and images contained on this site is © TimeWarp/Transylvania 1992 onwards. If you wish to get permission from us to re-produce any of the Transylvania information or images please Email us here with your request.

The Guest pages contain excerpts from the interviews that took place on the day, we are not intending to reproduce entire interviews merely some of the highlights. A lot of the answers to questions require the correct audience responses at the time and writing lots of bracketed comments such as: (Audience Applaud Wildly) would be a poor alternative.

Our Convention Charity
The Transylvania Conventions have brought together people from around the world in the celebration of Rocky Horror. The Committee decided early on in the organisation of the events that we would also like to see if we could raise some money for a very worthy cause. Profits from the sale of the Convention video and all the proceeds of our raffles went to our chosen charity: Great Ormond Street Hospital. The following text is reproduced from the Transylvania '92 brochure:

"Everyone thinks of HIV as something that will never touch them and as something that affects only those people who are responsible for their own lives. This is wrong.

Many innocent people who practice safe sex, who are not drug abusers and who lead normal, everyday lives are now HIV positive or have AIDS. In the UK there are 2019 women known to have the HIV infection, many of whim are of child bearing age. As of April 1992, 391 children born to HIV positive women have been reported to the CDR Colindale. 123 are known to be infected with the virus.

The Great Ormond Street Hospital has a unit which treats babies born with the infection -perhaps through the misadventure of one of their parents, or through an unscreened blood transfusion. Young children have been the victims of contaminated blood; a situation which often comes to light after years of incubation. In these cases it can be devastating - the youngsters beat one affliction only to be struck down by their 'cures'.

The G.O.S.H. has become a major centre for clinical care, research and development in paediatric HIV infection. In May 1991 the paediatric clinic joined with the adult HIV services at The Middlesex Hospital in London to provide a combined multi-diciplinary clinic for the families affected by HIV.

This marks a break of tradition for G.O.S.H: the hospital that caters strictly for children now provides a flexible, evolving clinical service involving consultation with the whole family. This has led to the development of a team approach to the management of the medical, psychosocial and practical needs of the families with HIV.

We are hoping to raise awareness of the existence of the Unit today, and through our own celebrations of life and fun, raise money that is desperately needed to fight this disease. The unit needs funds to survive, as do the children it cares for."

We would like to thank all those that bought a raffle ticket, Convention Video or spent some money on the day at the G.O.S.H dealers table and helped to support this worthy cause.

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