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April 1997 - December 1998 - Hyperlinks are removed from these entries
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27.12.98 I've been enjoying far too much Christmas cheer this year, so due to a hangover the only update this weeks is the usual....+GB

20.12.98 The Fan Club page is updated with a list of other TV/Radio shows we've recently been involved with.+ GB

13.12.98 The site has gone all christmassy, if you got to this page without going through the main door, click here to have a look at the main page. There are some new Tour Dates added to the site, see you there! A new Competition has started in the Games Room. To celebrate 20,000 hits to our site (and because it's Christmas)I'm going to add a mystery selection of bonus prizesfor December's Competition. There is another near winner added to the hall of fame in Riff Raff's Adventure Game in the Games Room. +GB

29.12.98 Our current Competition ends Monday, a new Competition starts later this week. Check out the Games Room for details.+GB and now over 400 entries!!!!

22.11.98 +GB

15.11.98 The Rocky Horror Show Game page is updated yet again. +GB

8.11.98 Our next Competition has now begun, winners from the last competition are also announced. The Rocky Horror Show Game page is updated again.The release date has been put back yet again. +GB and split

31.10.98 HAPPY HALLOWEEN The Elevator is updated with some new Tour Dates into 1999! Our Competition ends at midnight, winners willbe announced and a new competition will start early next week. The Transylvania Convention Pages have been evictedto their own web site http://www.transylvania.org.uk.with a year to go we thought we could do with the extra space on both sites.All the latest Convention news will be posted on theTransylvania site, if it's not there, it's not true! The Rocky Horror Show Game page is updated again.A PlayStation version will be available, but not until next year.+GB

25.10.98 The Rocky Horror Show Game page is updated. There isa change of name for the game and we've added the new cover image. The Guest Book has a huge update as I've had to catch up on two weeks worth of entries(that's what moving house does to you!)

18.10.98 We've moved house over this weekend so I've not even had the chance to update the Guest Book! There will be an update on the 25th October 1998 including some more information on the Rocky Horror Show Game. The Fan Club address remains the same as always!

11.10.98 The Competition has the BONUS prizes ammended. For this month only you can win not one but two CD's. The second of which is a real collectors item as it WILL NOT BE FOR SALE and is for promotional use only! +GB

04.10.98 The TimeWarp Fast Page Finder is added to the site. If you have Javascript enabled selecting an option will jump straight to the page selected in the menu. Our Competition for October gives you the chance to win a copyof the New Rocky Horror Show cast recording CD and a promo singles CD as bonus prizes. The Merchandise page for the CD is also updated with information on the CD Promotional single(s). The TimeWarp Fan Club Information Page is updated by popular request with a membership application form to fill in, print out and post to TimeWarp. +GB and split.

27.09.98 There is a review of the New Rocky Horror Show cast recording in the Cellar section of the site. Our current Competition ends this Wednesday, so far we've only had one correct entry! A new Competition starts on Thursday and gives you the chance to win a copy of the New Rocky Horror Show cast recording CD as a bonus prize. The Monitor Rooms are redesigned with a couple of things moving from one to the other, the image maps also becomes client side as of this update as most if not all browsers can support this option. +GB and has 300 entries!

20.09.98 +GB

13.09.98 +GB

30.08.98 Our September Competition has now started. From this month the competitions will now feature multiple choice questions. The winners and answers to our last competition are also now on-line +GB

30.08.98 Our August Competition ends on Monday, send in your entry before midnight! A new competition will start next week. The Transylvania 1994 pages are nearly complete! At long last I've had a chance to finish the guests section (except 3 images to be scanned shortly) The Transylvania 1999 and Quick Start pages are also updated. +GB

23.08.98 +GB

16.08.98 The UK Tour Date pages now run from the second leg of the tour (Sept 98).There is a seperate page for previous tour dates and venues. The German Tour Date page has now been deleted as we have not been supplied with any dates after the end of July, we will reinstate the page if we recieve future dates. +GB

09.08.98 We've added a Competition Winners Hall of FameThere is no limit on how many Competitions you may enter,although you may only submit one entry per month.Winners are drawn at random each month. The small monitors now have a Javascript animation added, watch them flash when you aim your mouse at them. +GB and split.

02.08.98 A new Competition has started in the Games Room. There isa bonus prize of a Rocky Horror Scrapbook for each of the winners. The A-Z Index is updated +GB

26.07.98 The Rocky Horror Scrapbook is being reprinted, for full details have a look in the Cellar. Another new UK Tour Date (Cardiff) for the show has been added check out the Elevator for details. +GB

19.07.98 A new UK Tour Date for the show has been added check out the Elevator for details. +GB

12.07.98 We've added a Cellar to the site. This will feature information on new Rocky Horror related products that are available in the UK. +GB

05.07.98 A new Competition has started in the Games Room. There is a bonus prize this month so send in your entry now! +GB and Split.

28.06.98 Our current Competition ends Wednesday this week. +GB

21.06.98 +GB

14.06.98 There are four new tour dates for the U.K. Find them in the Elevator section of the Site. +GB

07.06.98 The Rocky Horror Interactive Show page is updated with some WAV samples from the Audio Tracks. A new Competition has started, the winners from the previous Competition will be on the pages by next week. Our Web Site counter should hit 10,000 this weekend (it started counting 1st August 1997) A BIG thank you to everyone who has visited the site over the last ten months, keep watching, there's a lot more fun to come in 1998 and beyond. +GB.

31.05.98 The Tranylvania '94 pages are being enabled. The 25th Anniversary page for the Rocky Horror Show is updatedwith an image of Patricia Quinn as the Usherette. The May Competition ends Sunday 31st May. +GB

24.05.98 The UK Tour Dates are updated with four new dates. The 25th Anniversary page for the Rocky Horror Show is now on line. The Rocky Horror Interactive Show pages are updated again. Riff Raffs Amazing Adventure Game has a new winner. +GB

17.05.98 The Rocky Horror Interactive Show pages are updated. +GB

10.05.98 The Competition Winners are now posted. +GB

03.05.98 A New Competition has started in the Games Room. A New Tour Date is added for Bradford. +GB and split again. Work continues on the Transylvania 1994 pages and there are some more Transylvania 99 details on-line.

26.04.98Our current Competition ends this week. There is a bonus prize of a Rocky Horror Interactive Show Press Pack for each of the two winners
The Site Information page in the Laboratory is updated with a new resume for Nik and a couple of new Awards.


12.04.98 There is another UK Tour Date added. +GB

5.04.98 The Rocky Horror Interactive Show Game page is updated with thirteen new images, lot's of new information and the latest release details.
Our Competition for April has a bonus prize of 'The Rocky Horror Interactive Show Press Pack' for each of the two winners, enter now!

29.03.98 The UK Stage Tour Dates are updated.
The Games Room has 'The Interactive Rocky Horror Show' Game page updated with a new link to their company pages. We are expecting some more information on the game soon and will publish it when it becomes available.
Riff Raff Amazing Adventure Game has another (near) winner added to the Hall of Fame.
+GB entries 126-150 moved to a sub-section

22.03.98 +GB

15.03.98 We've added an Attic to put all the Seasonal/Archived pages into, access is via the second Monitor room
The Study is updated with a link to the Official Rocky Horror Show Web Site.

08.03.98 A new Competition has now started in the Games Room.

01.03.98 3 New Tour Dates for the UK.
Our February Competition has now finished. A new Competition starts Tuesday 3rd March 1998.
+GB and split.

22.02.98 The Valentines Messages are now only accessible from the A-Z Menu.

15.02.98 Love is in the Air and on this site on the Valentines Message Page. Is there a message for you?

08.02.98 The Transylvania site in the 'Ballroom' has a new Quick Start Site Map option added..

01.02.98 The Transylvania site is now on-line in the 'Ballroom'. Part two (1994) follows soon, the total update is nearly 2MB.
The Monitor Room is updated.
The A-Z Index is also updated.
A New Competition has started in the Games Room. The Competition is all about the Transylvania Conventions and there is a bonus prize of a Transylvania '92 Video for each of the two winners.
There is a link added to Davy Orr's home page (Davy, for those of you who haven't met him, is our Northern Ireland Fan Club rep).
The Gallery is updated with the Transylvania Images

25.01.98 Those nice people at CIX have enabled our hit counter to work without a detour, you may have noticed the URL change as a visit was recorded. Please set your bookmark to the Main title Page to come into the site the correct way. (This should mean faster loading of the Monitor Room as well)
The Fan Club Information is updated again.
+GB and split again as we now have 110 entries.
The Site Information is updated and also has a hit counter display added.
The Transylvania site will be on-line next weekend. The site will launch in two stages, 1994 Information will follow later.

18.01.98 The Fan Club Information is updated.

11.01.98 Riff Raff's Monitor Room is updated with a new room.
The Elevator section will have Official Tour Show dates.
The Ballroom is being re-decorated for a few weeks and will house the Transylvania Pages when they are completed, because of this the TimeWarp information page moves into the Zen Room and the Grounds and Laboratory rooms move to the second monitor.
A new Competition has now started, you can also check out the winner(s) of our last competition.
+GB now has more than 100 entries!

04.01.98 +GB

28.12.97 Riff Raff's Amazing Adventure Game is updated with another (near) winner and new graphics on the main page. There is also now an option to request Help for the game.
Our 1997 Christmas Card will remain on-line for another week, after this it will remain on the site accessed via the A-Z Menu only.
+GB with new entries and revamped graphics.
Our Site Counter hit 4,000 entries at 11:36am on Monday, 22nd December, 1997. (it started 01.08.97) We would like to say a big thank you to all our visitors. Lot's of additions are planned for 1998 and a few surprises!

21.12.97 The Main title Page goes Christmassy! Our 1997 Christmas Card is now on-line.

14.12.97 The Counter Page now has a direct link to this 'What's New' page. Set your bookmark for the site to:
www.timewarp.org.uk/ (the main TimeWarp title page) to use this shortcut to the latest updates.

07.12.97 A new Competition is now running in the Games Room. The answers to our last Competition and the names of the winners are now published.

30.11.97 +GB
The current Competition finishes today. A new Competition starts Monday/Tuesday.

23.11.97 The Laboratory is updated with an Awards Section and new resumes
The Interactive Rocky Horror Show Game page is now updated.
+GB and entries 51-75 are moved to their own page.

16.11.97 +GB

09.11.97 +GB

Halloween, 31.10.97 Riff Raff's Amazing Adventure Game (Level One) is now on-line. Play the Adventure in the Games Room
The Images in the Interactive Rocky Horror Game page now link to higher resolution pictures, these images are enhanced and compressed from the origianal scans to allow for fast loading.
Also in the Games Room is a report about a Rocky Horror Fairground Ride!

26.10.97 +GB
The Current Competition ends this week.

19.10.97 There is a page about the new Rocky Horror Interactive Computer Game added in the Games Room. The information and photographs are re-produced with the permission of On-Line PLC.

12.10.97 An A-Z Index has been added to Riff Raffs Monitor Room.This should make Navigation easier as the Site expands. The Monitor Room has been slightly re-designed during this upgrade.

05.10.97 The Games Room has been updated. Navigation of this area should be much easier and we have added space for planned additions.
Competition #5 has now begun and the winners and Answers to Competition #4 are announced, there are also Non-tables versions added.
Two new links are added in the Study, The Rocky Horror Web Ring and the wonderful Zenins Archive.
+GB and split to speed loading as we now have over 50 entries.

28.09.97 The Rocky Horror Games Machine now has an updated image.
Minor cosmetic changes to various pages.

21.09.97 +GB

14.09.97 Two new Links for the Japanese Clubs added.

07.09.97 A New Competition has started in the Games Room. Only One person got all the questions correct in Competition #3, check the answers to see who won!

31.08.97 Our Competition in the Games Room finishes today. Send in an entry by midnight tonight ! A new Competition starts 01.09.97

24.08.97 The Games Room has been re-designed to incorporate a feature on the Rocky Horror Show Games Machine.

17.08.97 The TimeWarp Counter Page has been enabled.

10.08.97 +GB

03.08.97 A New Competition has just started in the Games Room. The Answers and Winners of our last Competition may also be found in the Winners Section.

27.07.97 The Members Only Section is now on line. Entrance is via the Locked Door
The Monitor Room is updated

20.07.97 +GB
A new image added to the Gallery
Competition#2 has been extended to the end of the month.

13.07.97 +GB
The Games Room has the names of our first two winners and the answers to the first Competition. Competition two ends next weekend.

06.07.97 Competition#1 has now closed a new Competition starts, Sunday, 6th July.

29.06.97 +GB

22.06.97 The Games Room is on-line.

15.06.97 Display enhancements on several pages, using Javascript.
Preperation for TimeWarp Member's Only section of this Site.

25.05.97 +GB
Some minor layout changes on several pages

11.05.97 The Gallery is now on-line

26.04.97 Rocky Horror Show 21st Birthday Pages

10.04.97 Hello there!

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